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I am blessed to be working with lots of amazing people. Nothing is more rewarding than to see someone break free from what is holding them back to go on and really start living to the fullest.  Here’s what some of my clients say

— A. Thomson Dubai
— Shane
— Bref, Entrepreneur from Florida
— Marion
— Parker Cook
When I met Sam, I was feeling so helpless about my weight- especially since every other aspect of my life was organized and disciplined and ‘in control’.
I had attempted to lose weight so many times over so many years and each time ended up gaining more, binging and comfort eating- without ever understanding ‘why’ and never able to stick to a plan for more than a few weeks.
I wasn’t even sure if Samira could help me- but I was willing to try, as a close friend had achieved amazing results after a singular session with Sam.
When I spoke to Sam on the phone- her sincerity and genuine care came across from the first moments of our conversation. She carefully listened and understood what my primary concerns were and spent a significant amount of time asking sensible questions and even gave me some ‘homework’ to do prior to our face to face session. Sam remained available and responsive with any questions I had about the upcoming session.
The session itself was life-changing. I know that sounds very cliche but there is no other way to express it. I felt relieved of so much baggage after the session- baggage that I didnt even know existed!
Sam was there for me after the session and guided me gently over the coming period of time- more like a dear friend than a service provider. And that is one the very key things that set Sam apart in my eyes…besides her high level of competency, she really, genuinely cared about me and my well being and it was so evident in her follow up- long after the session was over.
As for my weight loss journey- I have been receiving comments and flattering remarks from everyone in my life: that I look so happy, I am glowing, I look amazing, etc. I now no longer feel the urge to binge or comfort eat and my relationship with food is nowhere near as nerve-wracking as it once was. I feel I am fully in control and I can/ will achieve the physical results I am striving towards. I whole-heartedly owe that feeling and ‘control’ to Sam’s session- for helping me let go of the past and envision a gorgeous and wonderful future. Thank you, Sam for this gift you have given me!
— F.A., Dubai

Samira is an excellent hypnotherapist, and I am so grateful for her help. In the past, I’d had several sessions with other practitioners, but they didn’t do much, and I believe it was partly because when it comes to changing subconscious patterns, repetition is key. Samira recorded our sessions so that I can listen to them on my phone, which helps with that repetition. I fall asleep to her evening recording and wake up to her morning session, which gives me a strong, clear start to my day every day.

Her voice, with its soothing British accent, is so relaxing (I love the way she enunciates “tranquility”!), and her caring heart really shines through. She is helping me deal with several issues in my life, including health issues, abundance, and stress relief. The sessions have helped me to be so much more positive, calm, focused, and happy; everything is improving. Thanks so much, Samira!

— Teri Thomas

I can only describe my experience as Amazing and life changing! I was able to make significant shifts and gained strong momentum towards the achievement of my goal after only ONE session with Samira. The regression session was very powerful and I felt amazing afterwards. I was also touched by the genuine care and follow up from Samira after the session; she went out of her way to make sure I’m set up for success. I’m extremely grateful & I simply cannot thank you enough Samira! People like you help make this world a better place.

— T Hassan - HR director, Hong Kong

Dear Samira,


I just wanted to thank you for all your support.


I wanted to let you know that It has been now 10 days that I have fully recovered my sleep – I don’t wake up anymore in the middle of the night- I am so happy everything came back to normal!


As you know, I was struggling with insomnia last month and thanks to your great advice, I have progressively recovered my sleep (although it was not very easy at the beginning…) I have also started to change my lifestyle by adding a little bit of meditation to work on my anxiety issues- not only the sleep problem.


I only had 1 session with you but I must say it was greatly beneficial – I really appreciated your wise advise and outlook about life and must say you were right about so many things about me!


I really think you are a great therapist who truly cares about her patients and I would like to thank you for all the support and follow up you did to make sure I was ok.


I definitely want to keep in touch and will not hesitate to recommend your name to any of my friends for a therapist!

Thanks again for your help!

— N. Y. Dubai

I had the pleasure of doing a healing session with Samira to help her clear up my Thrush.  I noticed that this was a recurring theme aka it has happened a few times and my body is easily attacked by too much candida.

I wanted to get to the root cause. Best unknown to me, this was an issue from past life. I was shocked to observe how this showed up in my life and I am so grateful, I chose to work with Samira to clear this up. If you want to clear up some present and/or potential past life issues, work with Samira!!!! Thank You, soul sister x

— M. Saladino, USA

From the day I’ve started speaking to Sam, she’s really helped me by making me aware of how my lifestyle and emotional issues are affecting my health. She is always available to speak to and knows exactly what she is doing. I’ve only had one session with her and that in itself has really boosted myself confidence. I suffer from a number of health issues and was feeling really down, but since speaking to her I’m now making changes, which are helping.

— H. Kaur, UK

Sam is not only incredibly committed and knowledgeable but she also has a natural healing talent and instinct unlike no other. I feel very privileged to have benefited from her healing and her ability to see through my pain and find the real source of the problem. She’s been a huge catalyst for change and I am so grateful to her.

— L. Barclay. Dubai

Looking at my life now and only few months ago, there is no comparison. What would have happened if I would have not come across Sam, I will never know. But what I do know is that since I met her and went through the process my life have turned to be much better. Period.

— G.C. South Africa

You really did a fantastic balance. I am feeling a lot calmer, have an important appointment to attend which I feel I will be able to communicate more clearly and not get over emotional.

— B. P. Dubai


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